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Gifts & Specialty Stores

American Express - Money Exchange: Island #7, 1st level.

American Pharmacy - Internet, special exchange rate, best prices. (1) Loc. #10, 1st level. Ph: 105-1700. (2) Plaza Nautica Loc. #B-3. Ph: 143-0705; E-mail: americanphamacy@prodigy.net.mx Daily 10am–10pm — AX, MC, VS

Fountain Entrance
Cotton Club
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Aquisgram - Toys, collectables and model toys. 1st level. Ph: 144-4570. E-mail: aquisgram@hotmail.com Daily 10am-10pm—AX, MC, VS

@T arrobate Comunicaciones - Telcel cellular & accessories. Loc. #310, 3rd level. Ph: 143-9734; Fax: 143-5916. Daily 10am-9pm—MC, VS

Bahias Jiromar - Magazine’s Store in town, Best sellers & Baja books, maps, greeting cards, gifts, and ,much more. Loc. #284, 2nd. level side Tsuki. jiromarparaiso@hotmail.com  Ph: 144-3250—MC, VS

Beauty X-press - Manicure & Pedicure SPA, Haircut, style & express, Body Hair removal. Loc. #368, 3rd level. Ph: 143-3790. Mon-Fry 9am-8pm, Sat-Sun 11am-8pm —MC, VS

Bellalaser - Laser hair removal, facial and body treatments, Local # 280, 2nd  level. Ph: 143-2932 / 35276. www.bellalaser.com Open daily 11am–2:30pm & 4pm-8pm— MC, VS, AX

Disco Fiesta - CDs, DVDs. Loc. #309. 3rd level. Ph:105-0460. Daily 10am-9pm—MC, VS

Elite Tobacco Shop - Tobacco and accessories. Loc. #82, 1st level. Ph: 105-1112. Daily 10am-2pm & 3pm-8pm—AX, MC, VS

Golf Paraiso - Tommy Bahama clothes and golf accessories. Loc. #53, 1st level. Ph: 143-8709. Open daily   9pm–9pm  —MC, VS, $

Golf USA - Golf accessories & clothes. Loc. #72, 1st. level.  Ph: 143-6888. Daily 10am-9pm—MC, VS

Harley Davidson Los Cabos - Harley Davidson motorcycle rental, restaurant, bar & grill, Call for reservations, Exclusive genuine Harley Davidson motorcycles, clothes and accessories. Plaza Puerto Paraiso Loc. #40 CSL. Ph: 143–3337, Fax: 143-3377, Open daily 9am–10pm — MC, VS

Habano Club - Cigars. (1) #23,1st level. Daily 9am–9:30pm. (2) Plaza Bonita. (3) Plaza Real. Ph: 143-8432. Daily 9am–10pm — MC, VS

Kamasutra - Fine Lingerie, oils, bath gels, powders, lotions & gifts. Loc. #293, 2nd level, www.kamasutra.com, Ph: 105-1828. Open daily 10am–10pm — MC, VS, AX

La Europea Tapas and Wine - Wine, liquor and delicatessen. Loc. #39B, 1st level. Ph: 105-1818. Open Mon-Sat 9am-9pm. Sun 11am-7pm. S—$ — AX, MC, VS

La Ruta de las India - Decorative nautical items and weapons, great for gifts. Local # 34, 1st level www.larutadelasindias.com. Ph: 14 43461. Open daily 10am–10pm — MC, VS, AX, $

Mundital - Electronics. Loc. 316-317, 3rd level. Ph: 105-1843. E-mail: mundital@hotmail.com—$

Optikal By Sunglasses at Cabo - Sunglasses and accessories. We offer services of optica Loc. #8, 1st. level. Ph: 144-4016. Daily 9am-9pm — AX, MC, VS

Papeleria Anita - Stationary store and gifts. Loc. 276-278, 2nd level. Ph: 105-1814 —MC, VS

Publicel TELCEL - Cellular phone equipment and accessories. Loc. #281, 2nd level. Ph:143-5001. www.telcel.com.mx Open daily 10am–10pm  — MC, VS, $

Sanrio ( Hello Kitty ): Gifts and Hello Kitty accessories. Loc. #374, 3rd level. Ph: 105-0828. Daily 10am-9pm — MC, VS

Seaduction - Sea Shell Collection, pearls and marine art. 1st level, local #94. Ph: 143-5599. www.seaductionshells.com E-mail: seaduction_loscabos@hotmail.com Daily 10am-9pm — MC, VS

Scotiabank Inverlat - Banking services and ATM. Loc. #4, 1st  level , Ph: 144-3187 /88 /89. www.scotiabankinverlat.com Mon-Fry 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-3pm

Something Special - Women’s accessories. 1st level, Island #3. Ph:143-9804. Daily 9am-9pm —AX, MC, VS

Stanza - Sunglasses and watches. 1st level, Island #1 and 5. Ph: 144-4151. Daily 9am-9pm — AX, MC, VS

Super Deli - Souvenirs, wines, candies, chips, snacks, groceries. Loc.28, 1st level. Ph: 144-3562. E–mail: fersolca@yahoo.com.mx— AX, MC, VS

The Watch CO - Sunglasses and watches, Island  #2, 1st level. Ph: 14 44851. Open daily 9am–10pm — MC, VS, AX, $

The Chocolate House - Candies and chocolates. Loc. 312-315, 3rd level. Ph: 143-3579 E-mail: thechocolatehouse@prodigy.net.mx — MC, VS

Xtreme Games - Video games sales & accessories, Local # 235, 2nd level . Ph Cell: (044) 624-100-4138. Coming soon

Zurich - Watches, knifes, backpacks and kitchen accessories. Loc. #54, 1st level. Ph: 143-0609. Daily 10am-9pm —MC, VS


Internet Cafes

Cabo Clipper - High-speed Internet Café, and wireless internet all over Cabo, we go where cables can not. Loc. #335, 3rd level. Ph: 105-0482. Daily 10am-10pm—MC, VS



Aegean Collection - Crystal jewelry. 2nd level, Island #4. Ph: 143-6260. Daily 10am-9pm —MC, VS

B and B - Fine selection of jewelry, gold and silver. (1) Loc. #9-10, 1st level. Ph: 144-4818. Daily 10am–9:30pm. (2) Plaza del Sol Loc. #8. Ph: 143-5250. (3) Plaza Naútica. Ph: 143-0817. Mon–Sat 10am–9:30pm; Sun 12pm–8pm —AX, MC, VS, DC

Diamonds International - Jewelry and watches. Loc. #63 and 64, 1st level. Ph: 105-0810. Daily 9am-9pm —AX, MC, VS, DC

Gifts - 1st level, Island #6, across from Cabo Hats. Daily 8am–10pm —AX, MC, VS

Krishna - Trendsetting fashion jewelry and woman accessories. Loc. #234, 2nd level. E-mail: kalizertuche@hotmail.com Ph: 14 39119. Open daily 10pm–9pm  —MC, VS, $

La Mina de Taxco - Silver sculptures, fine jewelry and gift items. (1) Puerto Paraíso Loc. #45, 1st level. Ph: 143-8688. (2) Plaza del Sol #15. (3) Hidalgo between Blvd. Marina and Zapata. Ph: 144-4531. Daily 10am–9pm —AX, MC, VS

Mexico Lindo Joyeria - 14 and 18-karat gold, and silver, precious and semi-precious gems. (1) Loc. #32-33 and 76, 1st level. Ph: 143-8287. (2) Plaza del Sol, Loc. #3. (3) Plaza Náutica, Loc. #K-2. (4) Plaza Naútica, Loc. #A-5. (5) Madero and Guerrero. (6) Inside Villa del Palmar Hotel. Ph: 143-3898, 143-6288, E- mail: mexicolindojewelry@hotmail.com Daily 9am–9pm—AX, MC, VS

Montecristo's Treasure - Jewelry designs with precious and semiprecious stones, and watches. Repairs and factory. Loc. #85, 1st level. Ph: 105-1846. Daily 10am-8pm —AX, MC, VS

Paula's Jewelry - Fine jewelry. Loc. #96, 1st  level. Ph: 105-0499. Daily 9am-9pm —VS

Pietra - Jewelry with semiprecious stones & silver. Loc. #24, 1st level.  Ph: 105-0404—AX, MC, VS

Vitamia Jewelry - We offer a wide selection of exclusive designs for equal the American, European and Asian pleasure with detailed Mexican style. Vitamia creates their own 14k, 18k and 22k gold lines in both silver 0.925 and 0.950 The most sophisticated jewelry items you can find them here at Vitamia, earrings, rings, pins, necklaces, collars, crafts, etc Three locations Plaza Bonita Mall Ph: 143– 809 Tesoro Mall (Formely Costa Real Cabo Mall) Ph: 143–3900 Puerto Paraíso Entertainment Plaza Ph: 144-3451


Leather and Shoe Stores

Baja Star - Sports shoes & wear. (1) Loc. #56 & 58, 1st level. (2) Plaza Morelos, Loc. #1, Morelos and Revolución. Ph: 143-1841, 143-6745. Daily 10am-9pm — AX, MC, VS

Calzature - Fine leather shoes and hand bags. Loc. #61, 1st level. Ph: 105-0625. E-mail: calzaturemx@yahoo.com Open: Mon-Fri 10am-9pm; Sat 11am-9pm — AX, MC, VS, DC

Flexi - Nice & comfortable Mexican-made shoes for women and men. Loc. #79, 1st level. Ph: 143-4837. E-mail: calzature@yahoo.com Daily 10am-9pm — MC, VS

Leather House - Leather products, shoes and sandals-all 100% leather original desings. Puerto Paraiso mall 1st level loc.#21. Daily 9am-9pm — AX, MC, VS

Rogers Boots - Leather boots, belts, jackets, sombreros, handbags and accessories. Loc. #62, 1st level. Ph: 105-1864. Open daily 9am-9pm; Sun 11am-7pm — AX, VS

Zandalz - Fine exclusive women’s shoes. Loc. #251, 2nd level. Ph: 105-1647. Open daily 9am-9pm — AX, MC, VS


Real State

Costa Realty - General Los Cabos real estate. Loc. #2, 1st level. Ph: 143-5375, 143-5445. E-mail: loscabos@costarealty.com.mx; Daily 9am-9pm.

Polocabo Homes - Real Estate. Loc. #283, 2nd level. www.polocabohomes.com, Ph Cell: (044) 624-147-7339. Open daily 10am–10pm



Amarone - Upscale two level dining with authentic Italian specialties and live music. Loc. #107, 1st level. Ph: 105-1035. Daily 12am-10:30pm. L, D—AX, MC, VS

Burritos Chostomo - Mexican style burritos. Loc. #324, 3rd level. Ph:144-3415. Open daily 9am–11pm $

Capitan Fish - Where you will enjoy the best view of the Cabo San Lucas Marina, and of course the best fresh seafood prepared with the traditional Mexican recipes, Located on the Heart of Plaza Puerto Paraiso (terrace level) Ph: 144-4966; 144-4967, E-mail: capitanfish@prodigy.net.mx —VS, MC

China Express - Fast food. Loc. #323, 3rd level. Ph: 105-1915. Daily 11am-10pm. L, D—$

Frutopica - Naturally delicious healthy food concept. Loc. #333, 3rd level. Ph: 144-4747. www.frutopica.com Open daily 8am–9pm — $

Haagen-Dazs Coffee Shop - Indulge yourself with the finest ice cream and coffee drinks. Loc. #1 and #55, 1st level, marina area. Ph: 144-3444. Daily 10am–11pm. S—$

Harley Davidson Los Cabos Bar and Grill - Hamburgers, snacks & full bar. Loc. #40, 1st level, marina area. Ph: 143-3377. Daily 9am-12pm. L, D, S—MC, VS, DC

Johnny Rockets - The original hamburger. Milkshakes, fries, chili dogs, apple pie and banana splits. Loc. #109, 1st level. Ph: 143-9891; Fax: 143-9892. Daily 10am-10pm. B, L, D, S—AX, MC, VS, TRAVELER CHECKS

K B Chips - New Zealand-style chips & beer. Loc. #308, 3rd level. Ph: 105-0349. Open daily 2pm-11pm. S—$

La Crepe Parisienne - Sweet & savory crepes. 3rd level, Cart.  Daily 3pm-10:30pm. S—$

Little Tokio - Japanese combos, teriyaki, sushi. Loc. #325, 3rd level. Ph: 143-9423. Open daily 1pm-10pm. L, D—$

Los Garcia Restaurant - Traditional Mexican Haute Cuisine, live entertainment, extensive tequila selection and tequila boutique. A/C dining room, marina view terrace, show kitchen for group cooking lessons. Loc. #106. 1st level, marina área. Ph: 143-4601—AX, VS, MC

Mongo Li - Stir Fry Mongolian-style grill. 3rd. level Food Court.  Ph: 155-00 55.  E-mail: monguillo1@hotmail.com Daily 1pm-10pm. L, D—$

Pazzos - Italian food. Loc. #320, 3rd level. Ph: 143-9155. Daily 11am-12am—$

Ruth's Chris Steak House - Fine USDA Prime cuts along with a full menu of veal, lamb & fresh seafood. We offer a variety of wines and full bar. A/C. Loc. #41, 1st level, marina área. Ph: 144-3232. Open daily 1pm-11:30pm. L, D—AX, MC, VS

Si Señor - Typical Mexican food. Loc. #326, 3rd level. Ph: 143-5393—$

Sr. Greenberg's Mexicatessen - Mexican & American food, deli sandwiches and great desserts. Loc. #108, 1st level. Ph: 144-3804, 144-3805. Open 7am-10:30pm. B, L, D, S—MC, VS

Sr. Sweets - Extraordinary temptations with a very large selection of ice creams, pastries and margaritas. Fifty flavors of ice cream, coffee & bar. All desserts are made in front of you! Loc #105, 1st level, marina área. Ph: 105-0102. Open 7:30am-12am. B, L, D, S—MC, VS

Subway - Sandwiches & salads. Loc. #322, 3rd level. Ph: 172-0330—$

Taco Inn - The original Mexican tacos, with handmade tortillas & a large menu. Loc. #274 Terraza level. Ph: 105-1905, 105-1906. Mon 9am-10pm; Tue-Thu till 11pm; Fri-Sun till 12am —AX, MC, VS

The Coffee Factory - Café with mocha, cappuccino & espresso bar. Loc. #6, 1st level. Ph: 143-7920. Daily 7:30am-10pm. S—$ MC, VS

The Italian Coffee Co - Serving the finest coffees in the world & desserts. Loc. #255, 2nd level. Ph: 105-0292. Daily 9am-10pm. S—$

Tsuki -Japanese food. Loc. #245, 2nd level. Ph: 105-0123 105-1821. Daily 1pm-11pm.—AX, MC, VS



Marlin Masters - Yacht sales and charters, fishing clothes and accessories. Loc. #86, 1st level. Ph: 144 - 4481. www.marlinmasterssportfishing.com Open daily 6am–8pm  —MC, VS, $

Picante Blue Water Sportfishing - Our fishing fleet has 24,31, 35 & 45-foot cruisers ranging from $520–$2590. 1st level, #39-A. Ph: 143-2474; Fax: 143-5969; US Ph: (714) 572-6693. Daily 6am–8pm. www.picantesportfishing.com; E-mail: jini@picantesportfishing.com —AX, MC, VS


Theaters and Entertainment

Cinemas Puerto Paraiso - Ten air-conditioned movie theaters, most films in English with Spanish sub-titles. Loc. #301 and 302, 3rd level. Ph:143-1515, 143-3838. www.cinemaparaiso.com.mx Mon-Sat 3pm-12am; Sun 10am-12pm — $

Recorcholis - Video Games, bowling & snacks. Loc. #355, 356 & 357, 3rd level. Ph: 144-4365. www.recorcholis.com.mx Mon-Fri 11am-11pm; Sat-Sun 11am-12pm, Wed 11am-12pm — AX, MC, VS

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