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Los Cabos Visitor's Guide 7 - 2007 | 2008 - Released August 25 2007

Puerto Paraiso

Mall Administration - Concierge, Security, Maintenance, Leasing, Marketing & Public Relations Offices. Loc. #288, 2nd level. Ph: 144 - 30 00 / 01 / 02 / 03 / 04; Fax 144 -3005. www.puertoparaiso.com; E-mai: linfo@puertoparaiso.com, Mon-Fry 9am-2pm & 4pm-7pm, Sat 9am-2pm

Art Galleries and Crafts

100% Mexico - Original, unique handmade Mexican arts and crafts. We gather the work of the great masters of Mexican Folk Art; original pieces made with traditional techniques passed from generation to generation. Loc. #93, 1st   level. Ph: 105-0443. E-mail: cabo100mexico@yahoo.com.mx Open Monday to Saturday10am-9pm, Sunday 11am- 6pm—MC, VS, AX

Fountain Entrance
Cotton Club
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Aegean Gallery - Oriental rugs and home accessories. Loc. #57, 1st level. Ph: 144-4595; Fax: 105-0380. Open daily 10am–9pm—VS, MC

Casa del Aalfarero - Mexican art pieces, jewelry & more. Loc. #37, 1st. level. Ph: 105-1971. Open daily 9:30am-9:30pm—VS, MC, AX

Fruta Prohibida - An exclecticAll-women art gallery. Original Paintings, sculptures, ceramics,limited edition prints, author’s jewelry, objects & souveirs of art. Terrace Loc. #249, 2nd. level. www.frutaprohibidagaleria.com.mx Ph: 144-4956. Mon-Sat 10am-9pm Sun 10am- 6pm—MC, VS

Galeria de Kaki Bassi - Fine art, prints, gifts and collectibles. (1) Puerto Paraiso, 1st  level. Ph: 144-4510. Daily 9am–9pm. (2) Corner of Morelos and Alikan. Ph/Fax: 143-3510. Mon–Sat 9am–6pm, (3) Hidalgo and Zaragoza, downtown. Ph: 146-9168. Daily 9am–9pm— MC, VS

Fiesta Mexicana - Mexican handicrafts, coffee, vanilla, salsas, Mexican candies and gifts. Loc. #13 and 15, 1st  level. Ph:144-3252. Daily 9 am-10 pm—MC, VS, AX

Kristal Gallery - Art gallery and accessories. Loc. #31, 1st level. Ph: 144-4497, 144-4503. Daily 9 am-9pm—AX, VS

Mi Mexico Magico - Arts, crafts, pewter, Talavera, glass, carved wood, silver. Loc. #52, 1st level. Ph: 143-5153. Daily 9am-9pm—MC, VS

Sergio Bustamante - Ceramic sculpture, paper mache, bronzes, and silver and gold plated jewelry. Loc. #25 & 27, 1st. level. Ph: 144-4894, 143-2708. Daily 9am-9pm—AX, MC, VS

Signature Art Gallery - Unique Mexican art. Loc. #92, 1st level. Ph: 144-3266, 144-3267 Mon-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 12pm-7pm—MC, VS

Beachwear and Clothing

Aallegra Boutique - Women’s fashion. (1) Loc. #83, 1st level. Ph:144-4616, Loc. #46, 1st level. Ph: 105-1581. Daily 10am-10pm—AX, MC, VS

Animale - Resort and cruise designs for women by international designers. Loc. #7, 1st level. Ph: 144-3311, 145-8484. Daily, 10am–8pm—MC, VS

Aysha - Women’s accessories. Loc. 247, 2nd level. Ph: 144-3793 Daily, 10am–10pm — AX, MC, VS

Azul - Women’s swimwear, t-shirts and beach accessories. Loc. #35, 1st level. Ph: 144-4070. Daily 9am-10pm—AX, MC, VS

Beach Company - Azul: Women’s swimwear, t-shirts and beach accessories. Loc. #35, 1st level. Ph: 144-4070. Daily 9am-10pm—AX, MC, VS

Blue Jeans - Casual clothing and accessories. Loc. #59, 1st. level. Ph: 144-4998 / 4999. Daily 10am–8:30pm—MC, VS

Cabo Hats -The Scala collection of hand made, packable, crushable hats with sun protection for the entire family. Bags and accessories. 3 locations: (1) Loc. #81, 1st level. (2) Blvd. Marina and Madero. (3) Plaza del Mar, Loc. #13-14. Ph: 143-4823. Open daily 8am–10pm—AX, MC, VS

Cabostyle - Beachwear & accessories. Loc #17-19, 1st. level . Daily 9am-10pm—AX, MC, VS

Calzedonia - Italian lingerie and swimwear. Loc. #60B, 1st level. Ph: 144-3751. Open daily 10am-9pm—AX, MC, VS

Cotton Club - Fresh, comfortable women’s apparel in cotton, linen and rayon by Latin American designers. Whether you’re looking for a dress for dinner or an outfit to hit the beach, they have a range of sizes and looks plus fun, original accessories. Loc. #75, 1st level. Ph: 143-2388. Open daily 9am–9pm—AX, MC, VS

Cotto's Fashion - For woman who knows how o dress. Loc. #254 & 256 2nd  level. Ph: 105-1780. Daily 9am-9pm—$

Cherry - Extra size woman clothes and accessories, Local # 233, 2nd level . Ph: 105-9141/143-0157. Open daily   10am–10pm— MC, VS,

Donnina - Collection from Italian designers. Loc. #78, marina level. Ph:143-9934, 143-9935. www.donina.com Daily 10am-9pm—AX, MC, VS

Dos Lunas Boutique For the Los Cabos lifestyle. (1) Loc. #38, 1st level. Ph: 144-4969. (2)Sheraton Hacienda del Mar. Ph: 145-6157. Open Mon–Sat, 9am–9pm; Sun 10am–5pm www.doslunascabo.com—AX, MC, VS

EL Desvan Unisex clothing and accessories. Loc. #50, 1st level. Ph: 143-1717. Open Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 10am-6pm—AX, MC, VS

Faconnable - Casual and formal clothing for men and women. Loc. #66B, 1st level. Ph: 105-1787, 105-0065 E-mail: ropamarcabo@prodigy.net.mx Daily 10am-9pm—AX, MC, VS

Fashion Lab - Brand names. Loc. #95, 1st. level. Ph: 105-1134. fashioncabo@hotmail.com Daily 9am-10pm—MC,VS

Fullsand - Beach clothing and surfing accessories. Loc. #60A, 1st level. Ph: 105-0833. Daily 9am-9pm—AX, MC, VS

Hugo Boss - Casual and formal clothing for women and men. Local # 71, 1st level. Ph: 105-1787, 105-0065 E-mail: ropamarcabo@prodigy.net.mx Open daily 10am–9pm— MC, VS, AX, $

Jean Machine - Jeans, skirts, jackets and accessories. Loc. #12 and 14, 1st level. Ph: 105-1889. Daily 9am-10pm—VS, MC, AX

Kenneth Cole - Fashions for women and men, with shoes and handbags. Loc. #65, 1st level. Ph: 105-1787, 105-0065. E-mail: ropamarcabo@prodigy.net.mx Daily 10am – 9pm—VS, MC, AX

Kid's Paradise - Clothes from Spain for babies and kids. For kids with style. Loc. #84, 1st level. Ph: 145-1799, 145-1799. Daily 9am-9pm—AX, MC, VS

Lacoste - Casual styles for women and men from the French clothing line. Loc. #66A, 1st level. Ph: 105-1787, 105-0065 E-mail: ropamarcabo@prodigy.net.mx Daily 10am-9pm—AX, VS

Le Best - Casual and beach clothing. T-shirts, towels, pareos, etc. Loc. #16 & 18, 1st level. Ph: 143-7414. Open daily 9am-10pm— AX, MC, VS

Liz Minelly - Cocktail dresses, evening gowns, shoes, and accessories. Loc. #30, 1st level. Ph: 144-3742. Daily 10am-9pm—AX, MC, VS

Lombok Exotic Touch - Exotic decoration, furniture, clothing, sandals, accessories and Incense, Loc. # 253 2nd  level Ph: 144-4965.www.italtropico.com.mx Open daily 10:30am-8:30pm, Sun 12pm – 8pm—MC, VS
Miro Boutique - Casual and beach clothing. Loc. #73 and 74, 1st level. Ph: 144-3742. Daily 9am-10pm —AX, MC, VS

Nauutica - High quality men’s sportswear. Loc. #77, 1st level. Ph: 105-1787, 105-0065 E-mail: ropamarcabo@prodigy.net.mx Daily 10am-9pm—AX, MC, VS

Neglige - Lingerie for women, Playtex, Chamela, etc. Loc. 87, 1st level. Ph: 172-0246. Daily 11am–9pm—VS, MC

Ocean Blue - Beach clothing and accessories. Loc. #26, 1st level. Ph: 144-4060. Daily 9am-10pm—MC, VS

Pacific Blue -Beach clothing, accessories and souvenirs. Local # 44 A, 1st  level. Ph: 144 - 4050. Open daily   9am–10pm.— MC, VS, $

Rolling Life - Woman's & Men's clothes: OGGI Jeans, Dolce, Pawa. Local # 230, 2nd  level. Ph: 143-8256. Open daily 9am–10pm.— MC, VS, $

Serdio - Men’s and women’s casual wear, 100% cotton. Loc. #282, 2nd level. Ph:105-1877. Daily 10am-10pm—MC, VS

Shasa - Women’s wear. Loc. #69-70, 1st level. Ph:143-3976. www.shasa.com Daily 11am–9pm —AX, MC, VS

Sunglass Island - Brand Name Sunglasses. Loc. #43, 1st level. Ph: 105-0217. www.sunglassisland.com.mx Open daily am–10pm  —MC, VS, AX, $

Surf - Brand names. Loc. #95, 1st level. Ph: 105-1134. E-mail: cabosurf@hotmail.com Daily 9am-10pm—MC,VS

Tennis - Casual clothing and accessories. Loc. #59, 1st level. Ph:144-4998 / 4999. Daily 10am–8:30pm—MC, VS

Tikki Lounge - Tommy Bahama, Bamboo Kay, Blue Water, Guy Harvey and others. Loc. #72, 1st  level. Ph:143-6888. Daily 9am-9pm—AX, MC, VS

Toscano - Casual and formal suits and tuxedos menswear, accesories, shoes, formal wear rental, hemit; 1st Level int. 98ª, open daily 10am to 9pm, Ph: 143-6004, E-mail: toscanoloscabos@hotmail.com— MC, VS

Tropica Calipso Swimwear - The hottest place for mix‘n match: Triangle, underwire, tankini, bandeau, D&DD-cups. Thong, Rio, Scoop, Tie-side, Full, Hot pant solid and print bottoms. Sizes XS–XL. (1) Loc. # 20-22, 1st  level. Ph: 143-9798 (2) Plaza del Sol Loc. # 20-21. Ph/ Fax: 143-7447. (3) Las Tiendas de Palmilla Loc. A-125. Ph: 144-6158. www.loscabosguide.com/tropicacalipso; E-mail: tropica@cabotel.com.mx Daily 9am–9pm SUN 10am-6pm—AX, MC, VS

Zeferina - Formal clothes for ladies, cocktail dresses, shoes, bags and accessories. Loc. #314, 3rd  level , Ph: 143-5141. Open daily 10:30am-10pm — MC, VS, $

Zingara Swimwear - Women's swimwear and accessories. Loc. #51, 1st level. Ph: 144 -3270. www.zingaraswimwear.com Open daily 10am–10pm  —MC, VS, AX, $

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