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Welcome to our year-round playground! When it comes to sports and activities, few tropical destinations can match the appeal of vacationing in Los Cabos. An ideal climate and diverse terrain—in or out of the water—makes Los Cabos perfect for any family member.

Los Cabos is a majestic oceanic playground on the edge of the earth. The sports and activities are virtually limitless, offering infinite outdoor action and riveting opportunities for people of all ages and persuasions. 

Those of you, who have previously visited Los Cabos, are already familiar with the most popular options that abound throughout our exquisite Cape region. But new and unusual activities are consistently emerging, transforming Los Cabos into a boundless Mexican oasis, a magical destination of unprecedented possibilities.

It goes without saying that Los Cabos is the sport fishing capital of the world.

With perfect tropical weather year-round, whether on land, sea, or sand, there is simply no better outdoor vacation paradise on the planet. The Pacific currents merge seamlessly with the Sea of Cortés, providing an endless array of marine activities and water sports.

From surfing to snorkeling, swimming to fishing, yachting to sailing, wave running to parasailing, there is simply no more prevailing destination on the surface of the earth. Diving below the currents will open up glorious corral dominions that have only been envisioned within the most opiate induced dreams of Poseidon himself.

Kayaks, party boats, and cathartic catamarans run rampant across the turquoise blue waters of Land’s End. From whale watching during winter, to snorkeling under the warm summer waters, Los Cabos always has something to offer.

The tropical palm trees and majestic mountains descend into the sun-drenched waters. Sultry breezes from picturesque beaches splutter upon the opulent greens and scenic tees of fabulous world-class golf courses.

The inland desert surroundings ripple with intricate hidden beauty. Discover symbols of ancient civilizations that refuse to subside with the fine white sands strewn by the hands of time itself.

From Cabo Pulmo to Sierra de la Laguna, pirate ships to ski diving, horseback riding to mountain biking, Baja has it all. Discover the great wide open and endeavor to explore its most secret scenic regions off the beaten path.

Depending on your mood and preference, you may choose ATVs, off-road racecars, motorbikes or zip lines to propel your adventure. And if you’d rather stay on the tranquil side, guided tours, bird watching or mountain climbing, are all at your reach.

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