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Air Tours

Aero Calafia - Your wings in Baja. Eco-adventure tours. Copper Canyon tour (4, 5 or 6 days), whale watching in season, bass fishing packages. Ask for details. Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel Int. #A-4 Blvd. Marina, CSL. Ph: 143-4302, Ph/Fax: 143-5280, www.aereocalafia.com.mx; E-mail: reservaciones@aerocalafia.com.mx Open Mon–Fri 8am–7:30pm, Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 8am–4pm—AX, MC, VS

Cabo Sky Tours - Enjoy the true freedom of flight in powered hang gliders no cabin, no floor, no windows. Very Smooth, Quiet, fun & safe. DGAC Certified Pilots. Exciting and breathtaking views of one of most beatiful natural areas in the world. Ph/ Fax:144-1294; Cell: (044) 624-150-1000; Cell: (044) 624-166-1990; E-mail: caboskytours@yahoo.com.mx—$

Parasailing, Cabo San Lucas.
Fishing Boat near arch,
Cabo San Lucas.
Aerial View, Land's End.

Helicopter Rides - Experience the magic of vertical flight; Take in the beautiful Mexican landscape in our top of the line Robinson R44 helicopter. Take fantastic pictures and video. Bay Tours to the Arch. Sunset Tours. Special services. Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel, Interior A-4; Blvd Marina,CSL. Ph: 105-1976. www.caborey.com; E-mail: helicopter@caborey.com—AX, MC, VS.

Sky King - Largest parasail boat in Cabo. We‚ve been flying people safely of all ages for over 44 years and were the first to bring the sport to Mexico. Check the view from approximately 600 feet in the air, AMAZING! Tesoro LosCabos Hotel, Interior A-4; Blvd Marina,CSL. Ph: 172-0287. www.caboreyparasailing.com; E-mail: skyking@caborey.com—AX, MC, VS


NOTE: Sunset cruise departure times may vary during summer months; call tour operators to verify. Whale watching tours run January-March.

Bad Company - Luxury Charter Sportfishing And Cruising In Cabo San Lucas And The Sea Of Cortez. Ph: 143-2092 , Cell: (044) 624 147-5973 www.badcompanycabo.com; E-mail: bajalobo@cabonet.mx—MC, VS

Buccaneer Queen - Snorkeling, sunset cruises and private charters. This legendary 96-ft tall ship was used for a movie set and now sails around Cabo. Departs from Dock 1, Office: Blvd. Marina #39 local M interior Marina Cabo Plaza, CSL., Ph: 144-4217, 144-4218, Fax: 144-4218. Open daily 12pm-3pm  and 6pm–8:30pm, www.buccaneerloscabos.com; E-mail: bbucanero@prodigy.net.mx—MC, VS

Cabo Expeditions - Zodiac rafting tours. Whale watching (Jan–Mar): $50 pp; 2-hour snorkeling: $40 pp. 3-hr tour, & parasailing $35 pp. Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel Int. C-7 Blvd. Marina, CSL. Ph: 143-2700; Fax: 143-1184. Open daily 8am–4pm. www.caboexpeditions.com.mx; E-mail: caboexp@prodigy.net.mx—AX, MC, VS

Caborey - Three-deck catamaran. Sunset Dinner cruise with gourmet cuisine and International show or Sunset Margarita cruise with open bar. Snorkelling and Whale Watching tours on season. Private events and weddings. Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel, Interior A-4; Blvd Marina,CSL. Ph: 143-8260, 143-8060. www.caborey.com; E-mail: caborey@prodigy.net.mx—AX, MC, VS

Cabo Sails - best fine tours and private charters; the Originals in this concept in Los cabos, several sailsboats fleet pick your choice attending sunset cruises, whale watching, snorkeling and spectacular sightseen views, regattas and sailing lessons...plus romantic, quiet, and the best open bar and superb appetizers. Located in the Cabo San Lucas Marina gate "A", oceanfront of Puerto Paraiso shopping mall, downtown, E-mail: cabosails@yahoo.com Ph: 111-3900 and 355-6386—$ 

Encore - 60-ft sailboat, whale watching, Santa María Bay snorkeling, summer: 11:30am–3:30pm, Sunset sailing: summer 6pm-8pm, JT Watersports. Revolución between F. Villa & G. Farias CSL. Ph: 144-4066, Fax: 143-4339, Cell: (044) 624-147-5328, www.jtwatersports.com; E-mail: beachfun@jtwatersports.com Daily 9am–5pm—MC, VS

Fiesta Cabaret - Show Fun Dinner Cruise Fiesta Cabaret! Welcome aboard for three hours of fun. Includes: open bar of exotic drinks, buffet dinner, international show, air conditioned saloons. Don’t miss it!.. A trip that you will always remember!! Inquire about our special group and charter rates. Ph: 146-3563, 146-3594—$

Jungle Cruise Tours - Daily snorkeling tours to Santa María Bay and Sunset Booze Cruises on a 42ft Trimaran. Departs 10:30am–2:30pm; Friday 11:30am–3:30pm. Afternoon cruises 6pm–8pm spring/summer; 5pm-7pm fall/winter. Main dock, CSL. Ph: 143-7530, 143-8150. www.cabobooze-cruise.com; E-mail: junglecruisetours@hotmail.com Mon–Sat 8am–4pm—MC, VS

La Princesa Sailing Charters - Three catamarans & one trimaran—La Princesa I ($58); Spin Doctor (La Princesa II), La Princesa III ($40) & Sigame “Cabo Princesa”. Enjoy the whales (on Seasson), the beautiful bay; experience amazing sunsets, or swim with tropical fish at Santa María Bay. Boarding on “D” dock, Sigame on “B” dock, & Spin Doctor on “M-O” dock. Coming soon dinner cruise. CSL. Snorkeling 12pm–3:30pm $ 49; Sunset 6pm–8pm (summer) $39, Ph: 143-7676; Cell: (044) 624-147-7455, Fax: 143-7674, www.cabosports.com; E-mail: info@cabosports.com—$

Oceanus - Golden Coast Cruise Snorkel 11am-3pm $45 dlls., Night Aventure Cruise Sunset 6pm-8pm (summer), 5pm-7pm (winter) $40 dlls., Depart dock 4. Blvd. Marina Hotel Tesoro local I-2  I-3 Ph: 143-1059, 143-3929, 143-5006. www.oceanusloscabos.com.mx; E-mail: oceanus1@prodigy.net.mx Open Monday to Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 10am-4pm—$

Oyeme Yacht Charters - A private yacht for fishing charter boats, snorkeling, sunset cruising and whale watching in season. Unforgettable cruising on the Pacific and the Sea of Cortés, Cell: (044) 624-122-1618; Fax: 173-4501, E-mail: oyemecabo@hotmail.com—$

Pez Gato - Catamaran snorkeling cruise to Santa María Bay $45 pp. 11am-3pm, Spectacular views on the Sunset Cruise $35 pp. 6pm-8pm Summer; Winter 5pm-7pm See the Arch, Land’s End on daily Gold Tour 11:30am-1:30pm Closed Sundays $30 pp. Departures next to main dock, dock #4, Ph: 143-3797 www.pezgato.com—$

Sea Eye - Is a unique boat with ultra-durable bottom window shaped as an optically regular spheroid of never seen before size 2x3 m - it is the biggest size all over the world and now it's in Los Cabos. Located at plaza bonita on the marina front next to the nowhere bar. Ph: 1050899. E-mail: aredo@caboreal.com—$

Spin Doctor - Enjoy the beautiful bay, experience amazing sunsets or swim with us among colorful tropical fish at Santa María. Boarding on “M–O” dock, CSL. Snorkeling 12pm-3:30pm $49 ; Sunset Cruise 6pm-8pm (summer) $39, Ph: 143–7676, Cell: (044) 624-122-0330. www.spindoctorsailing.com—$

Sunrider Adventure - Motor Yacht Cruise. Snorkel lunch cruise 11am-2:30pm, Sunset dinner cruise: Winter: 4:00pm–6:30pm, Summer: 5:30pm–8:00pm. Tours depart daily except Mondays. Next to main dock, dock #4, Ph: 143-2252, Fax: 143-1402, Open Mon–Sun 8:00am–5:30pm. Whale watching (in season) 10:30am-1:30pm, 4:00pm-6:30pm, all you can eat and drink tours—$

Tlaloc Sailing Cruise - Snorkeling, sunset cruises and whale watching; private charters are available. Colonia Acuario mz 6 lote 7 calle Pez Vela CSL, Departs Marina CSL., dock D-18,  Ph: 143-8965; Cell: (044) 624-127-1747, www.tlaloccabo.com; E-mail: tlaloccabo@yahoo.com—MC, VS 

Tropicat - Jazz and Wine Tour on Cabo’s most luxurious catamaran. Serving fine wine and appetizers nightly $49 pp; Departs from dock #4 next to main dock, Ph: 143-3797. www.tropicatcabo.com Summer 5:30pm-7:30pm, Winter 4:30pm-6:30pm—$

Yael Sailing Los Cabos - operating a 44-ft classic sailing boat and 30-ft Newport sailing boat, a unique experience of relaxed sailing with snorkeling, SCUBA diving, whale watching or sunset tours while enjoying private, up-scale service. Daily public & private tours, Reservations Cell: (044) 624-128-6977, www.cabosail.com; E-mail: guygil@yahoo.com—MC, VS


Padi certified Dive Shop R #19369 Located on the main Beach (El Médano) next to Billigans Island Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, we also arrange all local activities and glass botton boat trip to lovers beach, Ph: 143-2765 or Cell: (044) 624-14-77136, www.scubadivecabo.com; E-mail: m31dive@prodigy.net.mx —$

Amigo Del Mar - PADI dive center, resort & certification courses, open water referrals, Blvd. Marina across from Galleon Restaurant. Ph: 143-0505, Hours: Daily 8:00am–4:30pm, www.amigosdelmar.com—MC, VS

Lands End Divers - Scuba diving services. Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel Loc. A-5 next to Aereo Calafia Blvd. Marina, CSL, Ph: 143-2200, Fax: 143-4106, Cell: (044) 624-157-0582, Open daily 8:30am-6:00pm. www.mexonline.com/lansend.htm; E-mail: leddiver@hotmail.com—AX, MC, VS

Manta Scuba Diving - We offers diving expeditions and instruction. (Local & corridor areas, Gordo Banks and Cabo Pulmo , ) PADI RESORT OPERATOR,  Paseo del Pescador S/N    ñ-1  Col. El Médano next to Rest. Billigan’s , Ph: 144 -3871   Fax. 130 6661 Cell. (044) 624-125 4494. Daily: 7am-5pm. www.caboscuba.com; E-mail: mantacabo@yahoo.com—MC, VS

Underwater Diversions de Cabo PADI five star dive center; sales, rentals and PADI instruction. Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel Loc.#F-5, 6 & 7 Blvd. Marina, CSL., Ph/Fax: 143-4004, VHF Ch. 06. www.divecabo.com; E-mail: divecabo@hotmail.com Mon-Fri 8am–5pm, Sat 8am-4pm—MC, VS


Aby Charters - 22-ft baja pangas to 52-ft cruisers. Pangas: $165–$198 (5hrs.); Cruisers: $300–$1,500 (8hrs). Dock “3” Dorado sidewalk across from Finisterra Hotel, CSL., Ph: 143-0831, Fax: 143-0874, Cell: (044) 624-355-3958 24 hrs. www.abycharters.com; E-mail: abycabo@prodigy.net.mx Daily on the dock 11am–4pm—MC, VS

Anamar Sportfishing Eight charter boats to choose from. Plaza Arámburo Int. #7 L. Cárdenas, CSL. Ph: 143-2844, Fax: 143-0450. www.anamarsportfishing.com; E-mail: margaritas@real-turismo.com Daily 8am–11pm—AX, MC, VS

Betos Sportfishing - Fishing options from 25ft. pangas to 32ft. cruisers. Special services & activities. Blvd. Marina, Marina Cabo Plaza Local Q #39 (across from Hacienda Los Cabos), Ph: 144-3808, Fax: 144-3809, Cell: (044) 624-147-7113. E-mail: betosspotfishing@hotmail.com—$

Cabo Magic Sportfishing - Over 25 boats, top quality tournament-rigged charters. Highly-skilled expert crews, speaking the universal language of Fish! Tackle, gear and equipment are provided. Lázaro Cardenas L1 corner with Matamoros, CSL.  Ph: 105-0403, US Toll Free: 888-475-5337, www.cabomagic.com; E-mail: alex@cabomagic.com—$

Cabo Sport Fishing Fleet - We offer you a wide variety of boats of from 24ft up to 62fts any size, WE GO WHERE THE FISH IS!, let us spoild you and take you Fishing. Cell: (044) 624-141-60-30. www.cabosportfishingfleet.com; E-mail: info@cabosportfishingfleet.com or visit us downtown Cabo next to the Cabo Wabo parking lote in our office, and get a good deal and discount with us, so you can comeback every day. LETS FISH!!!. —$

Cabo Yatch Management - Be part of a luxury yacht at a fraction of the cost of full ownership! Fractional Yacht Memberships of Luxury Sport Fishers 68” and 78' Luxury Yacht Fishing Charters. Marina Cabo San Lucas. Cabo Yacht Center Building. USA Toll Free: 866 702 6337 Ph:143-9712 www.caboyachtmanagement.com E-mail: reservations@gladiatorcharters.com

Fishing Marlin - Benito has more than 25 years of fishing experience.We take our clients to where the big fish are in our area! We have Charter Boats available in a wide variety of sizes and prices. Cell: (044) 624-355-3309, www.fishingmarlin.com; E- mail: info@fishingmarlin.com—$

Flyhooker Sportfishing - Charters with personalized service and experienced crews. Pangas and cruisers 31 to 46 ft., Capt. George Landrum, Ph: 143-8271, Cell: (044) 624-147-5614 (24 hrs); US (206) 658-5152, www.flyhooker.com; E-mail: mary@flyhooker.com—$

Gaviotas Fleet 22-ft pangas to 36-ft cruisers, Pangas: $200 , Cruisers: $360–$595  includes 10% tax, fishing equipment & ice. Dock 10, between Hacienda and Marina Cabo Plaza, Office: Bahía Hotel, CSL. Ph: 143-0430, Fax: 143-4182. www.grupobahia.com; E-mail: gerenciahbahia@prodigy.net.mx Daily 8am-9pm—$

Gordo Banks - Unequaled quality and professional service are the standards that the entire crew at Gordo Banks Pangas strive to bring, with the main goal always being custom satisfaction. La Playita, P.O. 140 San José del Cabo, Ph / Fax : 142-1147, Toll Free reservations : 01 (800) 408-1199 www.gordobanks.com E-mail: ericgordobanks@yahoo.com

Hook Up - When you go Sportfishing in Cabo go to the fishing grounds First Class on a Hook Up Sport Fishing Charter Boat.  Fast Boats &  Expert Crews.  Innovator 31, and two California 28's.  12 Free Drinks / T'Shirt. Across the street from Mar De Cortez Hotel. Contact Office Ph: 143-3311 Cell: (044)-624-157-2912—$

Marlin Master Sportfishing - We won't take you fishing one time, we'll take you fishing for a lifetime! Located at Puerto Paraiso Mall, Cabo San Lucas Marina, next to Johnny Rockets. Ph: US: 678-602-7866 Ph: 144-4481; Cell (044) 624-161-3110.  www.marlinmasterssportfishing.com; E-mail: steve@marlinmasterssportfishing.com—VS, MC, AX, DC

Mucholoco Sportfishing Fleet - 28 to 34 ft cruisers, Marina Fundadores, CSL. Ph: 143-0018, Cell: (044) 624-14-75324, www.mucholocosportfishing.com; E-mail: rafaelmucholoco@hotmail.com—$

Paradise Sportfishing - Paradise Sportfishing provides optimum customer service and high value yachts. Our highly experienced English speaking Captains and deckhands are at the frontline to provide the comfort, safety and hospitality you deserve. Cabo San Lucas Ave. s/n, Downtown. Ph:143-8838; Fax:143-1033, www.paradisesportfishing.com; E-mail: sergio@paradisesportfishing.com—AX, MC, VS

Picante Sportfishing - Committed to top quality yachts, crews and sportfishing tackle. An unforgettable experience. 24ft SHAMROCK $520, 31-35-40-45ft (CABO) $1,330–$2,590. Puerto Paraiso Marina level #39-A, CSL. Ph: 143-2474, Fax: 143-5969, US Ph: (714) 572-6693. www.picantesportfishing.com; E-mail: jini@picantesportfishing.com Daily 6am-8pm—$

Pisces Sportfishing Fleet & Luxury Yatch - Cruisers from 28-ft $395 bare boat, plus tax or $560 all-inclusive; to 110ft $7,000 all-inclusive. Marina 8-6, Suite D-1, CSL. Ph: 143-1288, 143-9488, 143-8388. Fax: 143-0588, US Ph: (619) 819-7983, www.piscessportfishing.com; E-mail: pisces@piscessportfishing.com
Open Mon-Sat 8am–7pm, Sun 11am–5pm—$

Salvadors Sportfishing - 29ft cruisers. Departures next to main dock gate # 3, CSL. Ph: 143-8148, US: (858) 469-4255, Daily 6am–6pm. www.elbudster.com; E-mail: info@elbudster.com—$

Silverados Sportfishing - Premier fishing boats in Cabo. Forget about any intermediaries and deal directly with the owner, get the best deal in town, 23' - 50' boats, ask for our monthly promotions, and our all-inclusive packages. Hidalgo and Madero CSL. Reservations Ph: 144-4903; Cell: (044) 624-147-0594 (24 hrs); Fax: 143-4684, www.silveradosportfishing.com; E-mail: silverados@prodigy.net.mx—$

Solmar Spotfishing Fleet - Largest fleet in Los Cabos, 22-ft to 42-ft cruisers $175–$950. Hotel Solmar lobby Blvd. Marina CSL. Ph: 143-0646, 143-4542; Toll-Free: (800) 344-3349. www.solmar.com Daily office: 9am–5pm—$

SPICY TUNA: 33ft Inca twin ing 330hp turbo, price $750.00 usd. “E” dock CSL. Contact Angel Carbajal cell from USA 011-52-624-14-75586 from Cabo Cell: (044) 624-14-75586. E-mail: spicytuna2002@yahoo.com.mx—$

Ursulas Sportfishing Fleet - fishing charter’s from 28 to 33 ft. The service include: experienced English speaking captains, professional 1st mate, purified ice and cleaning of your catch. (Dorado, Tuna or Wahoo) Penn International gear, & Shimano 2 Speed Reels, GPS. 2 VHF Radios – Ship to Shore & Private, Furuno Fish Finder & Ice Chest. Plus all the needed tackle for fishing. * We can tailor your trip to include snorkeling at no extra charge. Adress: Hidalgo & Marina Blvd. across Tesoro Los Cabos Hotel, for deals please call director w/owner Cap. Olter Schcolnick and he’s wife Kathy Boss, Ph: 143-6964 from 9am-6pm; Fax: 143-4811 from 9am-6pm, Cell: (044) 624-147-7104 (24 hours available). E-mail: info@ursulasfishing.com—$

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